Women Seeking Men

How about knowing in advance that what a woman wants before you type “single women near me” in Google or any other search engine? Isn’t it exciting! Well, this article is all about it! With this article, it will be no more a secret that what women looking for men actually think:


Being independent doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want to be pampered or feel special. It just means the freedom of speaking her heart out; to be precise, Every woman seeks in her partner who listens to their opinions and is always ready to have discussions over anything they both come across.

Positive attitude and a good sense of humour:-

Those who live their life with a positive attitude not only feel contended but also spread happiness around them. According to researches, women are more likely to be attracted to such a person who can put a smile on her face. Women believe that a positive attitude towards everything can help in handling even the tough situations and overcome the difficult time. Having a great sense of humour with an optimistic view is like a cherry on the top.


Most woman wants that their partner should be socially active. They really like it when their partner introduces them to his friends and family.


Yes, she loves when you make her a priority and spend quality time, but she also wants a man to be passionate and ambitious about his career. The reason is that women think that a touch of ambition makes life more challenging and adventurous.


When dating women, speak confidently; trust me, it really works! A confident man is like a magnet to women. However, don’t misunderstand it with being dominating or commanding everyone around. Moreover, don’t try to imitate others to look confident or pretend to have someone else’s personality. Just be yourself!
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