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  • Love at first sight
    I never believed this idea until I met Joseph at Pixifinder. Once getting matched by the matchmaker, we messaged each other for around two weeks before deciding for our first date. He filled so much love in me that I forgot after that terrible breakup with my last partner. We dated for around 10 months before deciding on forever.
  • You don’t find love, love finds you
    After my divorce, I was looking for someone to date and hang around; that’s when I met Nancy. She made me believe that love can happen twice. We went on an adventurous trip that became a milestone in our love journey. We both talked about life, love, and how it feels like to be alone. I think that’s when we fell for each other.
  • You are never too old for love
    I dedicated my entire life to my ambitions, to the extent that I forgot love exists. And then one day, I decided to give online dating a try, and luckily, I met John, the love of my life. The best thing about him is that he is so calm and patient while I am short-tempered; I think this is what balances our life. I am fortunate that I have found him on Pixiefinder, which is meant just for senior dating.